Real Murcia CF Share Capital Increase




The challenge

We want to keep making history...

Why is equality part of our challenge?

Women have finally spoken up to achieve a more just and equal world. Real Murcia, a club in which only 15% of its members are women, wants to become a champion of that fight. That's why we want you to share your greatest passion, football, with the person you love most: your wife, your girlfriend, your mother, your sister. We ask that you make your partner a member and help us make Real Murcia the first gender-equal club in the history of this sport.

Because there are loves that last forever, and there is nothing better than being able to enjoy them together.

The value



The share capital is increased by a nominal amount of two million two hundred and ninety-two thousand seven hundred and thirty-five euros and thirty-nine cents (2,292,735.39 euros), through the issue of a maximum of 18,792,913 new shares of the same class F, with a nominal value of 0.122 euros each and without excluding the preferential subscription right. New shares will be exempt from share premium in the first three phases.


¿Why the Increase?

The world is changing faster and faster. It has never been easier to change our country of residence, our religion, our friends and partners... but there is one thing we can never change: the team we love. Unfortunately, football is also changing rapidly, and in the midst of this maelstrom of commercial brands and millions, at Real Murcia we believe that we can continue to grow without losing our essence. Because football was not invented just to win, football was created to make people happy.


The life of ‘Panadero de Archena’ (the baker from Archena) can be defined by two great words: passion and generosity. A man who shared everything he had, to make everyone around him happy: the fans, the club, his people, but above all, his wife. Two unique passions, the two great loves of his life: Real Murcia and Fuensanta.

The story of our club's best known fan is also the story of a club that wants to explain to the world that passion, when shared, grows streadily, and that even today, there are loves that last forever.


We are the most renowned sports entity in our region. A football club with more than one hundred years of history, supported by more than 11.000 club members and more than 27.000 shareholders all over the world. In addition, Real Murcia is one of the most iconic teams in the country, being the club that has played more seasons in the second Spanish division and the one that has managed to win that tournament the most times. With a new and revolutionary social policy, it seeks to continue forging a model that will make Real Murcia unique.